Semantic Technologies in the Enterprise Roundtable - September 22nd

This is a reposting from Daniela Barbosa's blog

On September 22nd from 2-6pm in Palo Alto, CA - Christine Connors the Director of Semantic Technology Solutions for Dow Jones and the Business Champion for Synaptica, will be leading a roundtable discussion on the subject of Semantic Technologies in the Enterprise.

Many of our Enterprise Customers have been asking us about semantic technologies and since Christine will be in town to present at Taxonomy Bootcamp in San Jose, we thought it would be a great time to schedule a roundtable discussion on the subject since our May scheduled one had to be canceled due to last minute scheduling conflicts.[read more]

Getting Started with Semantic Technologies

[Note: I originally posted this on my personal blog in May 2008, but it's so much more appropriate here!]

I met a gentleman who was at SemTech for the second time. He was very excited, really jazzed about the whole experience, but still wasn't sure how to win people over back at the office. How could he get them to embrace semantic technologies? It was a hard sell.

I wasn't surprised at all; it's the same song Kevin and I sang when we worked together. We got some great advice from people like Andy Shain and Eric Miller, which I have heard repeated at SemTech each year since.

Take baby steps. Keep it simple.

Hello World!

Welcome to Synaptica Central!

This morning, before officially launching this site, I had occasion to speak with some very smart folks at a small technology company in Illinois. Our conversation ranged across many semantic topics, but it was refreshing to find like minds on the topic of complexity, and it I'd like to share some of the thoughts I had coming out of the meeting.