Dave Clarke to Speak at IKO Conference 2015 - Innovations in Knowledge Organisation

The 2015 IKO conference (http://www.ikoconference.org/) will be held in Singapore, June 8 - 9 this year and will cover topics around cutting edge thought and techniques for Knowledge Organization, Search, Text Mining, and Data Management. Synapitca CEO, David Clarke, will be talking about Synpatica's new product OASIS and constructing knowledge bases around high resolution images using ontologies and Linked Data.

e-Compliance launches Maritime Thesaurus and Ontology

According to e-Compliance, the thesaurus is “a hierarchically structured controlled vocabulary” that contains a large number of terms which are frequently used in maritime law. It distinguishes between a “preferred label” and one or more synonymous “alternative labels”, thereby encouraging the use of official and unambiguous terms, such as ‘vessel’ rather than ‘boat’.

For more information please view the artricle here.

Taxonomy being used to assist with Content Marketing

From the artricle:

This is where taxonomy comes into play. Taxonomy is the backbone of executing journey-based marketing. It is the instruction manual for the tools, people and processes used to manipulate, distribute and target the huge volumes of content you need to produce in order to embrace content marketing.

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