Taxonomy being used to assist with Content Marketing

From the artricle:

This is where taxonomy comes into play. Taxonomy is the backbone of executing journey-based marketing. It is the instruction manual for the tools, people and processes used to manipulate, distribute and target the huge volumes of content you need to produce in order to embrace content marketing.

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Library Science, Not Library Silence

A great article about the contributions of information specialists and library scientists to DAM teams. From the article, "While the rest of us are focused on the how-much and how-to of making a new DAM fly, it’s an information professional’s job to ask, What are you trying to do?" Click here for the full article. 

Interesting Scientific and Medical Ontologies Being Developed

Two interesting ontologies have recently been developed: The first to assist with identifying possible adverse effects of medical interventions (the Ontology of Adverse Effects - OAE) and the second to econmpass data around tobacco smoke exposure and related diseases (the Cigarette Smoke Exposure Ontology - CSEO). Both are great examples of how ontologies are being widely used in scientific fields as tremendous information resources and learning aids.  

Taxonomy and Health - Using 'Big Data' approach to map relationships between human and animal diseases

Researchers at the University of Liverpool's Institute of Infection and Global Health are building the world's most comprehensive database describing human and animal pathogens, which can be used to prevent and tackle disease outbreaks around the globe. Read the full ariticle here.