Our Commitment to Data Exchange Standards

The concept of machine automated data exchange is certainly a road that is ever changing course, with many paths splitting off going in this direction or that. Among the many "standards" that evolve it is sometimes hard to discern which paths to follow, and which will end up in a dead-end. Our own Daniela Barbosa participates in many discussions around data portability and can certainly attest to this.

In the development of Synaptica, we have traditionally sought out a policy of trying to be as technically agnostic as we can, leaving things as open ended as possible when it comes to data import and export to allow free and open exchange with external applications and other consumers of taxonomies, thesauri and other types of controlled vocabularies.

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Are We Beauty Obsessed Even in Visualizing Data?

5 Kitties Need Homes, 4 Cute, 1 Ugly. Who went home first?

I found this picture on on flickr by Bethany King and couldn't resist. I would probably pick the ugly one and give it all the catnip it wanted but we all know that the cute ones are probably the ones that in the long run got the most treats.

Showing live 'clickable' examples of something that i am trying to explain is usually the way to go - especially if I am not sitting around a conference room with the 'all powering' whiteboard around to draw pretty pictures (i am actually a horrible artist but that's a whole other conversation!). During those meetings if the examples are 'pretty' and demonstrate the point i am trying to make - then even better because who doesn't like 'cute and pretty'?

Upcoming Events With Dow Jones Synaptica and Taxonomy Services Team

Internally here at Dow Jones we have taken to calling September 'Taxonomy Month' because of the multiple events we are participating, sponsoring and organizing.

So below, listed by date are our 'Taxonomy Month' events- we hope to see you at some of them- and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

Welcome from the Synaptica Product Development Team (or A Brief History of Synaptica)

Hello Synaptica Central visitors and welcome to the inauguration of our informational site to teach about and discuss Dow Jones’ vocabulary and metadata management tool, Synaptica. My name is Jim Sweeney and I am the Product Manager for Synaptica. I have been working with or directly working on this application for nearly the last 10 years and it has been quite the journey considering where Synaptica started and where it is today.

Semantic Technologies in the Enterprise Roundtable - September 22nd

This is a reposting from Daniela Barbosa's blog

On September 22nd from 2-6pm in Palo Alto, CA - Christine Connors the Director of Semantic Technology Solutions for Dow Jones and the Business Champion for Synaptica, will be leading a roundtable discussion on the subject of Semantic Technologies in the Enterprise.

Many of our Enterprise Customers have been asking us about semantic technologies and since Christine will be in town to present at Taxonomy Bootcamp in San Jose, we thought it would be a great time to schedule a roundtable discussion on the subject since our May scheduled one had to be canceled due to last minute scheduling conflicts.[read more]

Getting Started with Semantic Technologies

[Note: I originally posted this on my personal blog in May 2008, but it's so much more appropriate here!]

I met a gentleman who was at SemTech for the second time. He was very excited, really jazzed about the whole experience, but still wasn't sure how to win people over back at the office. How could he get them to embrace semantic technologies? It was a hard sell.

I wasn't surprised at all; it's the same song Kevin and I sang when we worked together. We got some great advice from people like Andy Shain and Eric Miller, which I have heard repeated at SemTech each year since.

Take baby steps. Keep it simple.

Hello World!

Welcome to Synaptica Central!

This morning, before officially launching this site, I had occasion to speak with some very smart folks at a small technology company in Illinois. Our conversation ranged across many semantic topics, but it was refreshing to find like minds on the topic of complexity, and it I'd like to share some of the thoughts I had coming out of the meeting.